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We provide a composting service for local authorities, horticultural businesses and agriculture. Our BSI PAS100 accredited compost provides an ecological and chemical free alternative to chemical fertilisers in agriculture. Research for the agricultural sector has demonstrated how it can increase yields with no negative impacts on crop quality or safety, and that it increases soil organic matter more quickly than other organic materials.


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In Vessel Composting Process

Take a look through the steps we take for our In Vessel organic recycling

Step 1

Biodegradeable Waste

The garden waste and food waste arrives at the site in what’s called a co-mingled collection (ie it was collected in the same bin).

Step 2

Shred the Waste

The waste is then passed through a large shredder which breaks it down to less than 12mm in any one plane.  

Step 3


The shred material is then blended with wood, food waste, and water as necessary to create the perfect blend that nature needs to make compost.

Step 4

Vertical Composting

The mix is then transferred via sealed conveyors into the vertical composting units (VCUs) where it remains for at least 3 days.

Step 5

Microbial Action

Natural microbial activity in the waste generates heat.

Step 6

Temperature Control

Temperatures then reach 70 degrees for a minimum of 1 hour continuously.

Step 7


The mix is then moved into the maturation building where it remains for around six weeks, and negatively aerated, to speed up the composting process.

Step 8


Once the mix is mature and is now transformed into compost it is moved outside for its final stages.

Step 9


The now matured compost is then screened to 40mm particle size.

Step 10


The compost is then graded, producing a PAS100 product material, which is no longer waste, but a resource.

Step 11


This compost can now be used as a fertiliser in farming and agriculture.

Our Organic Compost

Watch our video below to learn more about organic recycling through us at Keenan Recycling.

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