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Keenan Recycling Teams Up With Arrow Oils To Launch Oil Collection Initiative

Food waste management company, Keenan Recycling, has launched a free oil collection service in a bid to help food businesses reduce waste.

Keenan has teamed up with Arrow Oils to launch the initiative, which will see oil collected from takeaways, restaurant and large catering organisations. Arrow will collect the leftover oil from kitchens and ensure it is filtered and cleaned before it is sent on to be converted into biodiesel.

Meanwhile Keenan will continue to collect food waste from businesses. Grant Keenan, managing director at Keenan Recycling, said:

“New rules were introduced on 1 January that mean every business in Scotland that’s producing more than 5kg of food waste needs to separate out those leftover scraps and recycle them instead of dumping them into landfill.

By teaming up with Arrow Oils, we’re giving our customers the chance to have their food waste and leftover oil collected under the same contract, making it simpler and easier for them.”

Keenan Recycling launched its commercial food waste collection service in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire in 2010 and now processes more than 60,000 tonnes of waste each year.

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