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How Do I Clean My Food Waste Bin?

Here are a few tips on keeping your food waste bins fragrant:

– Squeeze the air out of bags before placing them in the bin outside. This will slow down the decomposition process.
– Always tie bags securely and keep lids closed to prevent flies entering and laying eggs.
– Where possible store out of direct sunlight, especially during the hot months.
– Consider getting your bins picked up more regularly during summer.

For such a smelly item there are a remarkable lack of cleaning services to keep things hygienic. If you’ve tried all the above then you may need to get a professional in to help. There are a few sole traders who use power-hoses but lack the kit to do a thorough job. There are in fact only two bona fide bin washing trucks in the UK – one down in Oxfordshire the other up here in Scotland with us.

The benefits for you are:

– Enclosed cleaning space so all the slurry is kept inside and doesn’t foul the street
– High pressure jet wash to get old and new grime off alike
– Internal and external wash leaving your bins almost as clean as new

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