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Three (Food Waste) Seasons

Food consumption is seasonal and so it follows that food waste follows similar ebbs and flows. It’s not according to the traditional seasons however – there are three dominant patterns; Christmas – when everyone eats, holidays – when tourism picks up and warm weather which encourages parties.

  • This is the busiest season if you’re a waste management company. Once the office parties begin the starting gun goes on the amount of food that gets put in the bins. From now until the week between Christmas and New Year the typical increase in demand is 15-20%. Which then slackens off sharpish with the New Year diets 🙂
  • Schools get quieter in the holidays but restaurants, hotels and cafes get busier. With over 2 million visitors there’s a huge peak in demand in Edinburgh during the festival. We’d also expect an increase during Easter and other mini-breaks like Burns Night and Hogmanay during the year.
  • Never more true than in Scotland! This is the exception to the rule of holidays and one which can’t be anticipated. If there’s a mini-heatwave during October that’ll get more folk going out. Similarly, rubbish weather in the middle of August will put the brakes on restaurant goers. Peak demand generally ties in over summer with the holiday season but there’s never any guarantee.

With a seven day service we’re kept on our toes! You may be seeing one of our trucks over Christmas 🙂

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