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On Your Marks, Get Set…The New #WasteRegs Are Nearly Here!

Get set…Are you ready? In approximately 48 hours Scotland will take a significant step towards becoming a zero waste country. Following in the footsteps of northern European neighbours like Holland, Belgium, and Sweden the #wasteregs in Scotland inch us ever closer to a complete landfill ban on food waste. Below is an overview of the most recently available data for organics recycling.


We’ll start with household food waste recycling because the data is much more accessible. If you’re interested in really digging down you can check out the Environment Scotland website which is a treasure trove of facts and figures. These figures all come from 2014, the most recent year available:

– The total amount of recycled food waste in Scotland = 369,040 tonnes
– Perth & Kinross get the award for best food waste recycling rate with 27.68%
– Scotland’s overall food waste recycling rate = 15%

These figures pale with Sweden’s rate of 99% of all organic household waste recycled, nonetheless Scotland is taking the right steps in the right direction.


This is notoriously difficult to accurately measure because of competing commercial interests. At Keenan Recycling we’ll process over 70,000 tonnes of organic waste in our Aberdeen facility in 2015 and in 2016 we’ll comfortably collect over 15,000 tonnes of food waste across the country. Unfortunately because of the lack of data it’s not possible to put this in perspective of overall business recycling rates.

What do you think household recycling rates will be next year? English businesses need to join the food waste recycling party to get the UK on track to hit EU targets. You can join the petition here.

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