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Keenan Recycling Signs Up To New Commitment To Help Businesses Reduce Waste

A leading North-east organics recycling company has signed up to a Scottish Government-backed initiative to help SMEs and other businesses to reduce and recycle more waste.

Keenan Recycling, of New Deer, Aberdeenshire, has signed Scotland’s Resource Sector Commitment, which is designed to set consistent standards for business waste collections and to help deliver the country’s zero waste targets. It has been developed by Zero Waste Scotland in collaboration with resource management industry and small business representatives.

By signing up to the commitment, Keenan Recycling will continue to provide customers with high quality recycling services, give advice on preventing waste and using resources efficiently, have user-friendly contracts and charging structures and give customers the chance to give feedback

The specialist firm will also continue to ensure that customers are compliant with the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations, which came into force in January. The new regulations mean that it is now compulsory for all businesses to separate materials for recycling.

Grant Keenan, managing director of Keenan Recycling said:

“We have doubled our commercial food waste customers to more than 1400 since the Waste Scotland regulations came in to force nearly 10 months ago, but there are still a number of businesses who are choosing to ignore them. It is vital for business owners to pay attention to the regulations, and we will continue to ensure everyone knows about their importance.”

Environment secretary, Richard Lochhead, said:

“We have set ambitious national recycling targets and want to make it easier for businesses, especially SMEs, to play their part in delivering a zero waste society.

Scotland’s Resource Sector Commitment is an opportunity for councils, the private sector and community sector to demonstrate real support for zero waste as well as committing to provide high quality and consistent services to their customers.

I am grateful that the resource management sector’s main representative bodies and many organisations are already giving their support to the commitment.”

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“Achieving zero waste will bring real environmental and economic benefits for Scotland and we all have a part to play.

The new regulations are helping transform how Scotland manages its resources, moving away from the idea of waste as a cost and a burden, instead seeing waste management companies as resource providers to a sustainable economy.

This commitment will help drive that transformation. Importantly it will mean businesses, especially SMEs, can benefit from high quality recycling services as well as extra help to reduce waste, for example by taking advantage of support from our new Resource Efficient Scotland programme.

It’s great to see so many organisations continuing to sign up to the commitment, and I hope to see these numbers increase even further in the future.”

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