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A North-East Green Recycling Company Has Been Supporting School Pupils With An Engineering Project Focussing On Energy Use In The Classroom

Organics recycling company Keenan Recycling, based at New Deer, was paired up with a team of budding engineers at the city’s Northfield Academy as part of the Go4Set Eco Classroom design project.

Go4Set raises awareness of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and helps youngsters make informed decisions about their Standard Grade options.

The teams of 12 to 14 year olds worked with their teacher and mentors from industry on the challenging 10-week project. They were tasked to find out how energy is used in their schools, research the latest, innovative methods of energy construction, select one or more alternative energy sources, provide recommendations for a new build eco-classroom in their school and provide a written report.

Managing Director of Keenan Recycling, Grant Keenan, mentored the pupils from Northfield Academy throughout the project, which saw the team transform a store room at the school into a teacher/pupil base recycling items that were going to be thrown out.

The Northfield Academy team faced competition from 12 other North-east secondary schools and scooped the Best Newcomer Award in the competition.

Grant Keenan said:

“It was a great project to be involved in and the team at Northfield faced a number of obstacles during the project so I was delighted to be able to support them throughout offering advice and guidance from an industry perspective.

To see them realise their ambitions and then go on to be recognised with the award was really a great achievement.”

Keenan Recycling deals with tens of thousands of tonnes of food and green waste from local authorities all over Scotland and also offers a recycling service to businesses and food processors with green targets.

The business, launched in 2001, transforms food and garden waste into BSI accredited compost at the award winning £3.2m facility.

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