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Keenan Recycling Drive To Zero Waste To Landfill

An Aberdeenshire green waste recycling firm has teamed up with a large local business to reduce food waste and increase recycling rates.

Keenan Recycling, based at New Deer, has helped Mitchell’s Dairy in Inverurie to implement a new commercial food waste collection scheme throughout the company.

The scheme, which is the first of its kind in the North-East, allows organisations to recycle item such as leftover food, coffee grounds, cups and paper towels into BSI accredited compost.

Keith Whyte of Mitchell’s Dairy said:

“Around 600 litres of waste a week, which was previously going to landfill, is now being sent to Keenan Recycling, increasing our recycling capacity by around 60%.”

With as many as 800 customers per day, the food waste recycling scheme is estimated to reduce their annual waste from 50 tonne to 10-20 tonne. Mitchell’s are also set to use Keenan’s recycled compost in their flower baskets.

Keenan Recycling deals with tens of thousands of tonnes of food and green waste from local authorities all over Scotland and businesses in the North-east at their £3.2m facility in New Deer.

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