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Waste Free Winter Wonderland!

It has been reported that food waste over the festive period increases by up to 80% compared to the rest of the year.

In the UK we buy around 10 million turkeys, 370 million mince pies, 25 million Christmas puddings, sip 250 million pints of beer and open an incredible 35 million bottles of wine.

North-east firm Keenan Recycling, which transforms food waste from Scottish local authorities and businesses into compost, has seen a 25% increase in their food waste collection in the last month.

The New Deer based business, which collects items such as leftover food, coffee grounds, cups and paper towels, has taken in 200 tonnes of food waste during the first three weeks of December alone, compared to 160 tonnes in November.

Keenan Recycling’s award-winning £5m facility is the largest vertical composting unit site in the world, jointly with a site in Canada. The Aberdeenshire facility currently processes in excess of 70,000 tonnes of organic waste per year.

Director of Keenan Recycling, Grant Keenan, said:

“The rise in waste over the festive period is dramatically high, both for businesses and households. Our commercial food waste collection service is a major step in reducing landfill waste in Scotland and particularly in the North-east. Food waste is the final piece in the recycling jigsaw and it’s important for businesses generating a lot of food waste to consider recycling as an option. We would also encourage Aberdeen & Moray residents to use the food waste collection service offered by their local authorities in the coming weeks.”

Launched in 2001, the company recycles both food and garden waste from Aberdeen City Council and Moray Council and currently only garden waste from Aberdeenshire Council. In 2012/13 Keenan Recycling is set to expand its services into other areas, including Dundee.

Scottish Government figures claim that Scottish households throw out 570,000 tonnes of food a year, and the average household throws out a staggering £430 of edible food every year.

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