Waste Cooking Oil Collection

We work with the fish-frying industry, cafes, restaurants and food businesses which use oil in their food preparation. Rather than being thrown down the drain Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is collected and converted into biofuel, a low carbon alternative to diesel that lowers greenhouse gas emissions by over 70%. Biofuel forms a core part of the UK’s renewable energy policy and UCO is a significant component of the UK’s biofuel consumption.

Any food business that produces waste cooking oil must have it collected and recycled by an authorised organisation. We work with Arrow Oils who provide a free waste cooking oil uplift service for our food waste customers. Arrow Oils are a well established UCO collection business and can offer you peace of mind for remaining compliant, they:

  • Hold a registered waste carriers licence
  • Can provide you with a controlled waste transfer note for every collection
  • Are fully insured and compliant, protecting you against fines for not disposing of your used cooking oil legally
  • Offer national customer service and collection teams
  • We discuss your collection needs and the size of bin best suited for your waste oil outputs.
  • You are provided with the correct sized bin as part of the service and a collection schedule that suits you.
  • The waste cooking oil is then collected on an ongoing basis allowing you to get on with running your kitchen!
  • Each litre of used cooking oil tipped down the drain costs you 14 pence through water utility bills.
  • Each year it costs UK water companies an average of £15 million to clear blockages caused by fats and greases being tipped away down drains.
  • Just one litre of used oil can power a phone charger for 1000 hours or create enough ‘green’ energy to make 240 cups of tea.
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