We provide a food waste recycling service for businesses throughout Scotland

If you’re a food business or produce food on your premises, we can help


Our compost provides an ecological and chemical free alternative to chemical fertilisers in agriculture. Our compost is available to buy in two grades and improves structure, adds trace elements and boosts microbial health for soil.

Food Waste Recycling

Our award winning service is available across Scotland. From Thurso in the north to Gretna in the south we cover the whole of the country with our fleet of specialised trucks. We pride ourselves on responsive service you can put a face to.


We operate a Jenz Hem 582 chipper mounted on a Volvo chassis with an in-built crane. This powerful unit can product a G30, G50 or G80 chip that can be blown into a walking floor or building – ideal for the Biomass Market.


Screening is a very specialised activity and it is important that the correct style of machine is attributed to the material controlled by operators that have experience of dealing with diverse waste streams.


We can supply various styles of shredder depending on your requirements. The high speed Jenz BA725 machines have large throughputs and can cope with materials such as garden waste, wood waste and bark.

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