Screening is a very specialised activity and it is important that the correct style of machine is attributed to the material controlled by operators that have experience of dealing with diverse waste streams.

If the material is wet then we have both wheeled and tracked Neuenhauser star screens that can produce a product ranging from 20mm to 60mm depending on which deck is applied. If a more consistent particle size is required and the material is drier in nature then our Doppstadt 518s and 620s are the machines for the job. Both models have a high throughput and are robust enough to handle heavy material.

  • Screening is the final processing stage which removes contaminants for different end uses for compost
  • The device consists of a large rotating inclined cylindrical screen studded with holes into which the compost is fed
  • As it moves through the screen the smaller material falls through while the large pieces are collected and returned for further decomposition
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