Commercial Food Waste Collection Service

Our award winning service was launched in Spring 2010 to collect food waste from businesses in the North East of Scotland. We provide the service for a wide range of customers from large oil companies to hotels, restaurants and food processors. Our service is clean, efficient and has enabled customers to significantly boost their recycling rates.

We have partnered with a number of innovative waste management companies to allow us to operate within existing contracts. The cost of the service includes the supply of both internal and external bins along with the first 3 months supply of compostable liners. Not only do our customers see an increase in recycling rates but also a reduction in the frequency of residual waste lifts which bear the cost of rising landfill tax.

Commercial Food Waste Collection Service

There is a growing focus on food waste recycling reflected in the Scottish Government's Zero Waste Regulations. By 2014 separate food waste collections will be mandatory for many businesses with a ban of food waste to sewers by macerator in 2016. By recycling organic waste into BSI accredited compost we produce a valuable alternative to chemical fertiliser returning nutrients to the soil for future production.

Recycling food waste will soon be as common as bottles, cans and paper - we aim to make it just as simple.

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If you would like to learn more about our Food Waste collection Service why not watch our video?