Bin Washing


We’re pleased to say we own Scotland’s only bin washing truck which is available to all new and existing customers nationwide. The service is designed to offer you with a low cost and regular solution to the problem of unhygienic waste containers. We provide you with trained operators who wash, disinfect and deodorise your bins using specialist equipment designed for the job of maximum cleanliness.


We provide a food waste recycling service for businesses throughout Scotland

If you’re a food business or produce food on your premises, we can help.


How it works:

  • We send our custom built truck to your address at a time suitable for you
  • The in-built washing system can clean a variety bin sizes from 120 litres all the way up to 1100 litres
  • Your bin gets enclosed in a specialised container with high pressure hoses with hot water and liquid soap cleaning inside and outside the bin
  • We also use a disinfectant which kills 99% of bacteria
  • The truck uses a bespoke enclosed space so all the slurry is kept inside and doesn’t foul the street
  • High pressure jet wash to get rid of old and new grime 
  • Internal and external wash leaving your bins almost as clean as new