our story


Since we started in 2001 the business has grown from a garden waste composting business based near Aberdeen to a national organics waste management company. We received a £2.2m investment from the Business Growth Fund in 2015 and have expanded operations across Central Scotland and opened offices in Linlithgow, near Edinburgh and acquired an eight-acre site in Linwood, near Glasgow. Since this expansion, we have become the largest food and garden waste recycling business in Scotland with English operations opening this year.

what we do


waste as a resource

By recycling food and garden waste we are able to extract further economic and environmental value from it rather than it being sent to landfill. The goal is to replace the current largely linear economy of ‘take, make and dispose’ with one in which resources circulate at high value, avoiding or reducing the need for virgin resources. This ‘circular economy’ approach helps drive greater resource productivity and positions the UK to better address emerging resource scarcity issues in the future.