The rise of Used Cooking Oil from waste to biofuel

What is Used Cooking Oil?

Once cooking oil has been used and is no longer fit for purpose i.e. cooking food for human consumption, it is considered a waste and referred to as Used Cooking Oil (UCO). It gets collected and is subsequently converted into fuel for vehicles or heating.

Since 2005 with the introduction of the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation the volumes of UCO collected have increased steadily to a 2013 estimate of 250 million litres. Regular diesel fuel now contains up to 5% biodiesel generated from UCO – something Rudolf Diesel the inventor of the engine which bears his name would be pleased with – his first attempt was an engine which ran on coal dust, but he later re-designed it to run on vegetable oil.

It’s important for food businesses to understand how waste oil can affect commercial operations, what the opportunities are for managing it and the best practice for its disposal:

Economic impact

From waste to biofuel

How you can dispose of it

  • Number one – don’t put it down a drain!
  • If you produce waste cooking oil as part of your business, then you have a duty of care to have it collected and disposed of by an authorised company.
  • We offer a FREE collection to all our food waste customers and can provide you with a fully compliant service.

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