Businesses in Scotland must separate and recycle their food waste by
1st January 2016

Keenan Recycling provides a food waste collection service for businesses and organisations throughout Scotland. If you don’t recycle your food waste you could be risking a fine of up to £10,000. How do I recycle my food waste?

Keenan Recycling provides a food waste collection service for businesses throughout Scotland.

If you’re a food business or produce food on your premises we can help.

How do I recycle my food waste?

Our award winning commercial food waste collection service is now available in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and the rest of Scotland. From the 1st of January 2016 businesses and organisations with over 5kg of food waste per week will be required by law to separate and recycle.

We can provide you with a food waste bin and a reliable collection schedule to suit your requirements. We also have a custom built bin washing vehicle to keep things clean and fresh!

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Food Waste Recycling Process

plate scraping

Almost anything from your kitchen, café or restaurant can be recycled including:

  • Plate scrapings
  • Meat and fish (raw and cooked)
  • Compostable packaging
  • Veg and fruit peelings
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds


We’ll provide you with a bin ranging from a kitchen caddy to a 240 litre wheelie bin as part of the service – which we can also clean for you.

Bin truck

We’ll collect from you wherever your business is in Scotland. Our trucks go from the Mull of Kintyre all the way to John O’Groats!


At the final stage food waste is either turned into compost or biogas in an anaerobic digestion plant. This process is just one example of a circular economy business model

Environmental Services

As well as offering direct services we also partner with a number of innovative waste management companies to allow us to operate within existing contracts. Not only do our customers see an increase in recycling rates but also a reduction in the frequency of residual waste lifts which bear the cost of landfill tax.

Food waste we collect is used both for the creation of green energy and compost.

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Food Waste Collection

We can supply various styles of shredder depending on your requirements. The high speed Jenz BA725 machines have large throughputs and can cope with materials such as garden waste, wood waste and bark. The product created by these machines can range from a very fine grade material utilising a 50mm screen through to a slightly coarser grade if composting is required with the advantage that minimum oversize material is left after screening. The larger material is handled with our powerful Doppstadt Bio, this machine can deal with anything from root balls to oversize garden waste.


Screening is a very specialised activity and it is important that the correct style of machine is attributed to the material controlled by operators that have experience of dealing with diverse waste streams.
If the material is wet then we have both wheeled and tracked Neuenhauser star screens that can produce a product ranging from 20mm to 60mm depending on which deck is applied.

If a more consistent particle size is required and the material is drier in nature then our Doppstadt 518s and 620s are the machines for the job. Both models have a high throughput and are robust enough to handle heavy material.


Our mobile chipping truck covers the whole of the UK and can handle large trees, brash and off cuts. We operate a Jenz Hem 582 chipper mounted on a Volvo chassis with its own crane built in. This powerful unit can produce a G30, G50 or G80 chip that can be blown into a walking floor or building – ideal for the Biomass Market. We also use a Jenz BA725 shredder/chipper chips to the same size as Hem 582 with the added advantage of a hydraulic end hopper that can be lowered and opened out to accommodate extremely long timber. This machine performs particularly well when chipping clogs or off cuts and is transported and loaded by a bespoke Mercedes 6×6 with its own mounted crane.


We have invested heavily in the latest technology and machinery to develop an award winning facility at New Deer in Aberdeenshire. The 14 acre site contains an open window system for garden waste and an in-vessel composting system for food waste with a combined capacity of over 100,000 tonnes per year – the biggest in Europe.

We recycle food, garden wood and other organic wastes into BSI PAS100 accredited compost for use in agriculture as an alternative to chemical fertilisers. Our business processes are accredited to ISO 9001 and 14001 demonstrating our commitment to consistent quality and continually improving environmental performance.

Organics Recycling

Bin Washing

We know how important it is for you to keep your bins clean and not creating an additional hazard through poor ‘bin hygiene’. And this couldn’t be more important when food waste is concerned! We’ve recently added Scotland’s only bin washing truck to our service. It’s now available to all new and existing customers nationwide.


  • Enclosed space so all the slurry is kept inside and doesn’t foul the street
  • High pressure jet wash to get old and new grime off alike
  • Internal and external wash leaving your bins almost as clean as new

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Bin Washing


Compost Premium compost use green compost use

Our compost provides an economical alternative or supplement to chemical fertilisers in agriculture. Compost also improves soil structure, adds trace elements and boosts microbial health.

We manufacture BSI PAS100 accredited compost from a variety of feedstocks to suit many end uses. Our Green Compost is derived purely from garden materials such as grass, plants and prunings. Our Premium Compost manufactured in our In-Vessel System has increased nutritional value with added feedstocks from the food chain such as former foodstuffs, fish and food processing materials. Both grades are suitable for a variety of applications from agriculture to horticulture and landscaping.

For application rates and nutritional Information please see our publications below. Call us on 0800 644 6618 or contact us for more information.


How do I clean my food waste bin?

19 November 2015

For such a smelly item there are a remarkable lack of cleaning services to keep things hygienic. If you’ve tried all the above then you may need to get a professional in to help. There are a few sole traders who use power-hoses but lack the kit to do a thorough job.

What do businesses need to know about food waste recycling?

04 November 2015

It’s a complicated world of waste management if you’re a business in Scotland, and things are about to get spicier come Jan 2016. There’s information out there from Zero Waste Scotland and SEPA but we’ve condensed for you below the main highlights just about food waste.

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Press Releases

Aberdeen entrepreneur appointed Keenan Recycling chairman

Aberdeen entrepreneur appointed Keenan Recycling chairman

19 November 2015

A respected Aberdeen entrepreneur has joined the board of an award-winning North-east organics recycling company to support its continued growth.

Jim Clark, founder of oil and gas waste management company MSIS, has been formally appointed as chairman on the board of Keenan Recycling, which is headquartered in New Deer, Aberdeenshire.

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